jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011



Theme: Health
Topic: Healthy habits


Task 1: Let’s play

Task 2: Discussion

Do you consider you have healthy eating habits? Which ones?


Task 1: A healthy life style

a- Students will read an article about healthy habits. They will have to find in the text and in the power point KEY WORDS related to healthy and unhealthy habits. Then, they will use these words to make a word cloud for healthy habits and other for unhealthy habits. (Students will use wordle)

b- Students will make a list of things they should adopt as healthy habits in their life and a list with things they should avoid. Students will use must and mustn’t to write sentences for example: We must do exercise. We mustn’t smoke

Task 2:  Isabelle Caro – A very hard life.

Students will watch a Video about Isabelle Caro. The teacher will explain that this woman suffered from a disease related to eating habits.

a-Before playing the video, the teacher will write on the board some information for students to collect.

Name: Isabelle Caro

b- After watching the video, the teacher will ask the following questions

-Do you know what anorexia is?
-Isabelle is 28 but what does she look like?
-What are the consequences of this illness?
-Do you know any other type of eating disorder?

Task 3: Eating disorders

Students will look for information from Wikipedia and will answer the following questions:

-What is an Eating disorder?
-Can you mention at least four types of disorders?
-What are the possible causes and effects of these disorders?

Follow up

Task 1: A piece of advice

Using all the information gathered from the previous tasks, students will create an advertisement to advice and make people aware of good habits to have a better quality of life. (Students will use photovisi)